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Electrical switchgear by Maison ORSTEEL.
Electrical switchgear

Our sockets and switches offer the perfect combination of design, reliability and performance. They make any space more comfortable, by providing functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you opt for a minimalist solution, or a more daring style, a multitude of choices is available to perfectly complement all types of interior projects.

Spotlights in a court by Maison ORSTEEL.

Designed to enhance both interiors and exteriors, our top-of-the-range spotlights illuminate every space with unrivalled brilliance Create the perfect atmosphere, highlighting your architecture, green spaces or aquatic areas. Your customers will be seduced by their design, as our spotlights magnify every detail with precision.

Poignée de porte de la collection Contes en finition noir, installée sur une porte intérieure
Hardware (door handles)

A perfect blend of elegance and functionality, each of our door knobs and hardware accessory models is meticulously crafted from the highest quality materials. The touch of sophistication to enhance any interior.

Dedication to serving professionals
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Pool builders

We know that your needs go beyond the simple acquisition of products. That’s why we’re committed to offering you a comprehensive and tailor-made service. Our dedicated team of expert advisors will be with you every step of the way, whatever your specific project.

From initial conception to final completion, trust is at the heart of our relationship.
We design our products and services to exceed your expectations, and we guarantee an uncompromising experience.

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Our expertise for exceptional products

Each of our product embodies the pursuit of excellence. The emphasis is not only on the rigorous selection of raw materials, but also on the finesse of the manufacturing process. Every stage of production, from design to assembly, is carried out by hand with the greatest attention to detail. Our expert craftsmen are the guardians of traditional know-how. They work with love of, guaranteeing both the quality and authenticity of each piece. Offering you products that meet your highest expectations is vital to us. ORSTEEL is proud to offer you a unique selection of products, designed with passion and crafted with the expertise of renowned French artisans.

French craftmanship
Official logo for guaranteed French origin.
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We firmly believe that the authenticity and quality of French materials are key to the success of your architectural project. We select only French raw materials, purchased from suppliers who place respect for tradition at the heart of their manufacturing process. In this way, we promote short supply chains and responsible production. Hence we can control the quality of our materials and of our products.

Also, the entire manufacturing process for our products takes place in France. Our wiring devices, spotlights and hardware accessories are all manufactured exclusively in our Contes production facility in the south of France.

Our quest for perfection

Cultivating relationships

The relationships we nurture with our customers and partners drive us forward and contribute to our success.

Service excellence

As part of our drive for continuous improvement, we are committed to the impeccable quality of our products and customer service.

Integrity first

Always acting in accordance with our values and ethics is a matter of course for us, to deserve the trust placed in us.
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